Algonest robo advisory

Algonest robo advisory

In the base of Algonest robo advisory system are strategies. Algonest management team has designed a service whose mane feature is a portfolio of customized strategies.

The algorithm creating process had its main point to study thoroughly the correlation of each strategy with the currency volatility and thus its potential to generate profit even with the minor probability of incorrect forecast. This complicated process allows Algonest to calculate both levels: of potential profitability and risk for every and each strategy in particular. Each of the available strategies` potential is highly evaluated in the means of income generation, volatility level and correlation with the other strategies.

Joining Algonest, clients will get a huge benefit in the means of art software which in its turn allows to evaluate the risk tolerance before investing, and being very significant – to receive a piece of advice on suitable for a particular investment type strategies.

Currently Algonest has in its service 11 strategies. These have been studied thoroughly and after a deep analysis included into the main Algonest offered robo advisory service.

AlgoNest® robo advisory service uses gateways to currency exchanges all around the world to close deals and trades at currency markets at any place of our globe. The ultimate goal of Algonest and its main task, which as independent financial experts and investors consider, has been achieved perfectly well, is to start such an up-to-date investment management service that in the greatest potential way will make as great as possible returns on each and every investment, at the same time will take into consideration the risk tolerance.

Advanced investment management services, or shortly may be just called AIMs, which is totally coincide with the point of our whole services, not very long time ago were available only to a wealthier class of investors who could afford themselves a personal financial advisor. That required a good sum of money but the investor could be confident in the taken decisions as the risk tolerance was controlled by an expert. Nevertheless, time goes and technological progress doesn`t stop, with that Algonest has performed its automated investment management service and thus has implemented an entirely software-based solution. With Algonest the approach to high-quality financial advice has reached its maximum level and the access to automated investment management service has become real for each and any investor.

Continuing the topic about customized services for any type of investor, it is worth mentioning the Algonest strategies` portfolio which is developed considering any possible risk tolerance. The goal of the customized service is to allow any investor, without considering his investment amount, to enlarge his chances of prosperous investment.