Binary Options Broker Finmax Review – Social Radar

Finmax Binary Options Overview

finmax review

Finmax is an innovative Binary Options broker that offers one of the highest payouts returns in the industry. It’s fairly accessible to open a Binary Options trading account with Finmax because the minimum deposit is just $5. No matter if you’re just starting out in the Binary Options world or you’re already a well-established trader Finmax can satisfy all your trading needs.

Finmax Binary Options Advantages

Finmax Binary Options broker offers many benefits that can bring more value to your trading experience. The biggest feature that Finmax has to offer to its clients is its educational section which can transform any novice trader into an experienced trader in no time.

You have a big video library that covers everything from the basics of binary options to trading psychology and options strategies. All recording webinars are archived so you can watch them at any time and you also have plenty of articles covering the most popular binary options strategies.
With the Finmax Binary Options broker, you can trade a wide range of expiration periods. The lowest expiration period you can use is 30 seconds and the highest expiration period is six months, which gives you a lot of flexibility.

Finmax Binary Options – Social Radar

finmax review

Finmax Binary Options broker offers to all of its clients an interesting feature called “Social Radar,” or in other words social trading. The Social Radar ( binary options social trading ) is a distinctive app that will allow you to monitor the performance of other traders (users of Finmax Binary Options broker) and at the same time to be able to mimic their success.

The Social Radar comes with a leaderboard of the best traders so you can track their performance in real time. This is a great feature, especially for the newcomers who haven’t accumulated enough experience to trade on their own. However, if you’re an experienced trader and you want additional profits the Social Radar can accommodate your needs as well.

So, how Social Radar works?

The first thing you need to do is to choose the appropriate trader from whom you would like to copy trades. Depending on your risk tolerance, Finmax Binary Options broker offers you a large list of traders to choose from. You can follow these trades on multiple devices: PC, laptop or mobile device.

The Social Radar platform is also quite flexible because it gives you the flexibility to set limits on the amount of investment. So, if your preferred trader trades with a bigger size than your normal size, then you can set the limits on how bigger your investment should be.

The Social Radar platform is completely transparent and besides copying trades, you can socialize with other traders and exchange trading ideas with other fellows Finmax users.


The Finmax innovative social trading platform gives the new traders the opportunity to survive and learn from the best traders. Your binary options experience with Finmax will grow exponentially because Finmax offers you all the right binary options trading tools to succeed in this business.