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Trade Market Binary Options Robot

If you have ever tried binary options trading you are most likely to be aware of binary auto-trade and binary trading robots that greatly assist you in the process of trading, and make you earn more! I must admit that initially I didn’t believe in robot trading. It’s difficult to see even other people managing my money, but to let a robot do it? Come on! That seemed to be a complete nonsense. But still my curiosity overtook me and I’m so happy it did.

My fellow traders shared the benefits of Trade-Market Binary Trading Robot with me. The official description is as follows: “Trade market is a tool for additional risk control of signals offering higher security standards. Trade-Market Binary Options Robot automatically gets up to 200 signals from the signal provider, applies a set of the known algorithms and double-checks them with a 12-hour data feed of a particular asset. In case 50% of the checked algorithms regard the binary options signal as successful, TM initiates the trading. If the comparative percentage increases, so does the trade size.”

I got intrigued, but still not convinced. But I thought “you’ll never know till you try it yourself” and had a go. Fortunately, there is a trial at Trade Market. I think it’s discouraging and suspicious when a service doesn’t offer one. In case of Trade Market service, the trial lasts three days and you get 500$ to check it out. The profit you get is added to your account after making the first deposit.

You know, what truly attracts you is their interface. It’s totally awesome. A useful dashboard, which is fairly minimalistic, but yet it answers all your needs. What is more, with Trade Market Robot you are welcome to set the stop loss yourself. Stop loss is a particular limit, and all the trades with the trade size above the limit won’t make you gain or lose anything, and if within the limit they will be traded in your account.

They state they have 75% success rate, and they really do! The results were more than satisfying – I quickly raised my demo to 500$.

Of course I was thrilled and to be on the safe side decided to ask my fellow traders. They showed me Trade Market and they spoke highly of the service, so I finally made the first deposit of $5000 and then I started following my account. A few weeks later I discovered that taking their bonus is useful, because you get the chance to have a bigger stop loss.

But let me tell you a couple of things. You don’t have to take that bonus at Trade Market Binary Options Robot, it’s a matter of choice. You can find the option on your account page (one bonus for one deposit). Before withdrawing, you must turn the bonus over 30 times. Even if you have done so, be patient as at Trade Market the withdrawal period is restricted to 4 months. It means even if you are done with turning over, you will be able to withdraw only after 4 months have passed since the first trade.

I’m into writing decent reviews, that’s why I did it after getting the real results with Trade-Market Binary Options Robot. Honestly, Iike many of us, I was first worried about withdrawal. I waited for 4 months and finally made it. To my surprise, the process was relatively easy. I thought I’d get the money in 7 days; but they arrived just in 4! Apparently, I stayed loyal to Trade Market and I think you shouldn’t hesitate to try it in your binary options daily trading.

Trade Market Binary Options Robot. Three easy steps to begin

Getting involved is a piece of cake! Take a look at the 3 simple steps you need to make to get started with Automated Binary:
1. Create your own account at Automated Binary Option Robot and choose the broker you prefer
2. Set your stop loss limit
3. Make a deposit and get down to the automated trading. It’s advisory to invest 500$ (min 250$), as then you’ll get the chance to take broker bonuses up to 200% and make your profits larger.

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