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Binary options social trading means that you could follow trades of our top traders. And by “our” we don’t mean some abstract professional traders, we mean YOU and your fellow traders. How come? The thing is that the best traders who demonstrate striking trading results get a chance to help others and earn more themselves.

If trader’s success rate is above or close to 80%, he/she may become a part of our binary options social trading where his/her trades will be copied to the accounts of his/her followers. He/She gets certain commission for the made profit and the followers make money too. It’s a win-win situation.

If you want to follow any of the traders, just go to the binary options social trading tab, choose the trader that you like, indicate investment limit and investment per trade, click “Follow” and start making money not moving a single muscle!

 Username:CountryWin rate:Average trade size:Generated profit:More infoPlatform
copy traderBronislava VenckieneLithuania65%$250$0 no data
Followcopy trader
copy traderNicolo GabossiItaly75%$300$0 no data
Followcopy trader
copy traderMd RokibulBangladesh68%$500$0 no dataFollowcopy trader
copy traderAntonio PereiraPorkulalia63%$250$0 no dataFollowcopy trader
copy tradingOtavio PellosiBrazil75%$200$0 no dataFollowcopy trader
copy tradingThiago FillipeBrazil87%$250$0 no dataFollowcopy trader
copy tradingRIGPALithuania75%$100$3874,64.00Followcopy trader
copy tradingFxTakumiUSA61.25%$100$4437,00.00Followcopy trader
copy tradingForexSmartmoneySpain41.05%$300$11449,48.00Followcopy trader
copy tradingSenchalRussia39.15%$300RUB229360,83.00Followcopy trader
copy tradingCaduceusUSA59.25%$350$12499,70.00Followcopy trader
copy tradingNAGARIAUSA69.25%$500$2713.49Followcopy trader
copy tradingArashIran48.05%$200$3542.91Followcopy trader
copy tradingCaduceusUSA52.65%$500$12499.70Followcopy trader
copy tradingCurrenTrade
Moldova88%$300$1,114,002Followcopy trader
copy tradingIceCreamSweet v2
Thailand80%$200$343,723Followcopy trader
copy tradingHugoStrategy08
Hungary100%$400$184,210Followcopy trader
copy tradingIndra Ke Enam
Indonesia64%$300$171,454Followcopy trader
copy tradingBinaryOptionAPI
Japan90%$500$146,049Followcopy trader
copy tradinganksnkfx
Kenya63%$500$10,410Followcopy trader
copy tradingOptionPartners03GBSwitzerland63%$300$131,006Followcopy trader
copy tradingLowRiskBOTrader
France65%$250$12,337Followcopy trader
copy tradingStrong8Z
Ukraine54%$300$140,823Followcopy trader
copy tradingMonacoTrager5
Followcopy trader

Binary options social trading: Richard Hovard

binary options social trading
Richard Hovard is one of the most well-known traders in the world. Started his career when he was 26. His parents are scientists but Richard decided to connect his life with trading. He had a goal and did his best to reach it. Richard had a thirst for knowledge that is why he studied at the best institutions and visited research centers around the world.
Nowadays Richard is a respected professional forex and binary options trader. He has been interviewed many times, and often participates in trading seminars. He works with the best brokers around the world, analyses trading strategies for a number of financial magazines.
The moto of his life is «If you do not think about the future, you cannot have one».

Binary options social trading: Victor Senko

Socail Trading
Victor was born in Samara (Russia). He went into professional trading in early 2004 after receiving Master of Science in Finance from Stockholm School of Economics. In 4 years, he rose to prominence in the world of trading and started cooperating with major brokers on the market. Victor received Pro Trader Award in 2009 and 2010. In March 2010, he moved to Switzerland to work for one of the biggest investment companies on the Swiss market. In 2012, Victor was named among top 5 Russian traders in the list compiled by Russian “Economic Journal”.

Binary options social trading: Cesar Mayer

binary options auto trading
Cesar Mayer a widely known and highly respected professional in trading. Started his career when he was 25. His family wasn´t very reach so Cesar had to break his way up the ladder of success coping with many difficulties on his own. The need became the best teacher and by the age of 30 the name Cesar Mayer was becoming more and more famous in the trading sphere. Combining hard work with his craving to getting more knowledge Cesar became one of the best specialists.
With the greatest experience in binary trading there is no doubt that he is the leading top trader which has been proved by a number of awards he got leaving behind real monsters of trading. 3 times WCTC champion and a Wall Street expert who is unmatched in accuracy has the greatest feeling of the market.

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binary options social trading